More often, there comes a time for us to give a present to our loved ones and friends and it may be difficult task if they have specific interests which are well known to us. It is always advisable to give a dear one a present or gift that will beat suit their personality without emptying your pocket too much. For instance, a story teller may fancy some things that are not all the rest may like as a surprise gift. The internet is full of possible options – sites like this or this offer some great presents. The possibilities are endless but… you may want to stick to our suggestions:

For story tellers, get them gifts like Books. It is a fact that good story tellers, readers and writers fancy books as they are constant readers and getting them a perfect book may just work. However, one must be sure to get a book that is enjoyable and that the story teller will be thrilled and enthusiastic about it.

Get them great books like the Smith Classics such as “It all changed in an instant, I can’t keep my own secrets”. These are definitely top among their category and will instill good stories on the story tellers so that they do not run out of their funny jokes.






Voice recorder
A voice recorder will also do for the story teller. This will help them to perfect on the art especially for rehearsals. They are also very modern and digital as the new voice recorders allow up to a maximum of 2000 hours of recording. They can also wo9rk well with the computer as they can be directly connected. Emailing and archiving of the voice recorded files is also made possible with the recorders.






Writing tools
For the writers, the best surprise gifts for them would be some writing gear and tools that will help them as they write manuscripts for their great works. This include things such as Moleskin notebooks which are very durable and in addition to that they are very soft.






Notecard and Journals

You can also get them notecards and journals. This will be a great motivation for their new original work. Another good present for them would be a gift card to the this great organization, your loved one will be able to access a galore of stores of books, music and craft all over. This will help to support their imagination as artists.

Writer’s calendar

The working writer’s calendar. When it comes to good planning and organization, this planner will serve the purpose well. It has been organized in such as away that each week has a different program for the writing residency. It is the perfect way to plan for the writer’s daily life.
You can also give the loved one some common items such as T-shirts, mugs or cards that are personalized and written on the words “ the best story teller “or simply “ the best writer” This is a perfect gift as it will always remind them how great they are and how thrilling and funny people find their stories or written work.
The listed gift ideas are the best and will definitely make your loved one happy and enthusiastic about their interest in writing, reading or storytelling. They will also be great assets that will assist them in their work and they will make them love you even more for it.